Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Primary kids

Sunday was our kids' primary program. Both Aimee and Betty had their parts memorized (Thank you Aunt Miriam!) and were excited. And they both did a great job! They said their parts nice and clearly and slowly. They were fabulous!

That morning, Betty had asked for two pigtails. I'd wanted to do something more interesting, so I turned them into messy buns...which when she saw she veto'd :( ah well. Then at almost the last song, they sang "Called to Serve Him" which has a nice marching beat to it...and she started swinging her tails very spiritedly to the beat. It was hilarious! She took up her "headbanging" during "I am a Child of God" too. Afterwords, we asked if they thought they had sat reverently during the program (neither of them really did, btw...they were quiet, but VERY wiggly). Betty's reply was "reverent as a chipmunk!" lol...guess that summed it up pretty well.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Home again...

I think we probably have the best doctor in the world. I generally don't get panicky over sickness...but I was freaked out with Katie being so sick. After the shot and the first breathing treatments, there probably wasn't a reason for us to stay in the hospital, and I trust Dr. H so well that he could have easily told us to go home and I would have...but he didn't. He could see I was more comfortable with her hooked up to the monitors so that when she did get fussy and worked up I could see she was still getting enough oxygen. She had shown no signs of needing to be there all day, and the nurse had already told us to be ready to go home after the doc gave his OK. When the doc was there the nurse said "so, they are going home?" and doc was all "no, because it's croup there is a chance it can get bad agian tonight." She didn't...she just slept. He stopped by in the morning, chatted about concerns with Aimee (I think she has asthma :(), and let us know the worst should be over with Katie. One of my big concerns with moving, is that we are going to loose our AMAZING doctor. I just pray we can find someone half as good and caring as our Dr. H.

So, now we are home....It's pretty bad when you prefer a hospital room to your own home (disclaimer....because I know family reads this..family who I live with...any statement I make here does not apply to you personally...I love my family, and things could be so much worse. This situation is bearable because you are here...). I'm really at a point where I'm want to move NOW! If anyone here doesn't know...background...we are living with Chris parents and sister's family. There are 13 of us here. There is space for us all...but it does get a little cramped. And it is hard for me, because I know it's not permanent. We moved in about a year ago...and almost all our stuff is still in boxes. Well, sorta in boxes, because it didn't get packed real well when we moved here. So we have piles in our room, and my girls room, and the living room (this one gives me a good deal of guilt because it is taking living space from the rest of the family that is really needed), and our storage room. And I need to go though it all and repack it for a move to Utah. So, to sum it all up...I hate it here. There is the not enough room issue, the living out of boxes issue, the too far out of town w/only 1 car which chris takes to work issue (I hate living so far out of town...even with 2 cars), the water issue (our well is dry right now, so we have to have it trucked in and ration it), the shared kitchen issue (we all eat together, but there is never enough communication, so schedules/menues/etc. are always making me stressed...and if I have to leave dishes, then I feel guilty cause they are there, or someone else does them), and the laundry issue (part of the water issue mentioned...),,,,

anyway, I could go on. I really hate it here. I'm trying not to. I'm trying to be happy with what I have. But I still find myself hiding in my room so that I don't have to pretend I'm not so unhappy.

So now I've said it...I've vented...I've whined...now to look for positives.

The other day, Aimee found a good thing to be thankful for during night prayer. "I'm thankful for.....um....nails that hold houses up..." lol. I just need to keep that in mind. Even though things suck, there are nails that hold houses up. And even though the noise of rain on this stupid metal roof drives me insane!!, at least the rain is not on my head.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My sick little Katie

Well, here I sit, posting to update...from the hospital... :(

Ok, it's really not so bad, so no one freak out.

She has the Croup. She got an ugly, barking cough that we went in for on Monday. Then we took her to emergency a few days ago because she was having trouble breathing, and I couldn't get her fever down and she was very lathargic. They said most of her breathing issue was from congested head, and he didn't think it was Croup. They got her fever down and she seemed a lot better so we took her home. Yesterday, she still was having difficulty breathing so we made another apt. at our dr office for this morning. The apt was with the nurse who looked at her Monday and she felt she wasn't getting better like she should, so she went and got our doc who felt the same. (and they both said definitely croup...idiot E.D. doc...) They did a breathing treatment and shot to bring the swelling around her voice box down, and sent me to the hospital so she could be watched closely today. When we got here, she needed another breathing treatment, but has been really good since. Seems she is just catching up on sleep she has missed now that she can breath again, and as long as she is realaxed she breaths just fine. We may get to go home tonight.

It's actually really nice here. I may have to take some pics from our room...our view is wonderful! The nurse we had this morning was a girl I went to high school with, so it was fun to catch up, and everone has been really nice. I almost want to stay the night so at least chris can have a night to get caught up on his sleep...and this room is so peaceful and the bench/bed is really comfy...If I get to it, I may even try to get Aimee's birthday pics up while I'm here :)