Friday, March 26, 2010

Cute kids

No pictures in this post...just updates on what the kids are up to and some cute stuff they do...

Aimee is doing great. She is always so happy and loves life so much. She is doing great in school...she is reading and doing her math near the top of her class. She loves to go out and play with friends and is turning into a real social butterfly.

Betty is constantly wanting to be in charge, which can sometimes make her a great helper (and sometimes put her right in the way of what I'm trying to get done...) We were going for a drive the other day and it was getting late and Katie was grumping about being in her seat, so Betty stepped in and sang all the verses of "hush little baby"...I don't even know where she learned it all, but she did a great job, then sang it again and by the time she was done, Katie was relaxed and falling asleep. Betty is also doing great in school and loves her teacher and her class.

Katie is learning a ton right now and is in a really fun stage. She's learned several signs for words, which is nice because when we teach her a new concept, like "sorry", she can get the hand sign pretty quick and then work on the word as she goes. My favorite that she uses a lot right now is "please". The sign is an open palm in a circular motion on your chest. It's so cute to see her do it because she pokes her tummy way out when she does she want's to make sure you can see it. When she is upset like she doesn't want to nap and is crying she will look at you with the saddest eyes and do the sign and say "Meeeeeeeeee!" (her version of please) It's the sweetest thing ever and takes a ton of willpower not to give in to whatever she wants lol. We usually encorage her to say please when she wants something. Today I asked if she could "ask nicely", so I got the please sign with "Niiiiii" lol (her attempt at "nice")

More fun Katie "talking" stories...

I'd had a bear of a day so we decided on happy meals for dinner. On our way to the drive though the other two girls were jabbering with what they wanted, and Katie started adding her order over the top of them with loud "jabber jabber jabber Frefries, jabber jaber jaber kin (chiken), jabber jabber jabber" lol

Favorite word she says right now "Money" (which means "funny")..Its the best after she's been laughing cause it comes out as a little sigh. She's also stated saying "Mon" for "fun"