Monday, March 23, 2009

Time for Nursery yet?

So, generally the mantra during Sunday School time is "can't wait for Nursery" because it means you get to send you baby to their own class and you can start enjoying adult company again. 18 months of age can't come soon enough with that incentive in front of you. I imagine it's a great time for the kiddo, too...I mean, instead of having just the hall to roam in, they get a room full of toys and other kids to throw said toys at. Well, Katie is now 10 months old, and as that 18 month mark get's closer....well, she has found the loophole in the system. When both parents get called to serve in Nursery, a 10 month old gets to go too! What a lucky kid is she??

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Family Pictures

Uncle Grady came and took some pictures for us recently. Here is the link to them if anyone is interested. I think he did a great job! Thanks Grady! We can hardly wait for you to move here so we can play with you all the time :)

Clicky Clicky!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Katie's teeth

Oh, first...Uncle Grady has been here this week and he's been taking some great pictures of my kiddos! If you're not already, you should keep an eye on his work at Blipfoto. Not just to see my cute kids, but because he is taking some great pictures.

Anyway, so Katie is getting new teeth...3, from the looks of it. She already has her front bottom two. I would expect her front top two to be next...but nope, she's an oddball. She is getting her second top two, and one little fang behind those! Weird little kid...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Betty is 5!!!!

What a week it's been! Betty turned 5 on the 22, but we didn't do a party until yesterday, so I was waiting to post it all at once.
Do you see that little monkey? We had a lady from Church stopping by and I told her that we were doing dinner for Betty...It was Sunday when I told her, and I'm sure she didn't stop by the store or anything...but she came up with a gift for her. A little basket with nail polish and this little monkey, who she adores! Our upstairs neighbor also came up with a last minute gift for her..bath soaps and a little handbag...PERFECT! What wonderful neighbors we have!As usual, we started out with a Birthday Breakfast...Betty chose yogurt, but we decided they needed toast and eggs too. Oh, and hot chocolate. Her pick for dinner was hamburgers and potato chips (because "everybody likes that"...what a little hostess!) Her cake had to be "raspberry" I did chocolate cake with raspberry jam filling and buttercream frosting with raspberry jam on top. It was really good! She is so creative.

For her party...well, we haven't met a ton of kids her age yet. We invited the ones we had met, and cousins. Unfortunately, our cousins got sick and we missed them. One little girl's mom droped her off and asked if we had enough kids. I told her it would be a small party, but we'd still have fun. She asked if I wanted her to ask another little girl on our road, which she did...and her mom came up with a last minute gift too! (I think I need to stock up on little kid gifts...just in case...) The kids decided to play hide & seek. We did some other games...but the kids didn't know each other, so they were all a little shy. If I'd thought about it better, I would have prepared some more organized "getting to know you" type games.

For the party we did cupcakes and icecream sundays. The kids got to pick what they wanted.
So, that was Betty's birthday. It was great, we met some nice new people, and had a lot of fun! I sure love this kid and enjoyed celebrating her this week.