Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Catching up

So I've been kinda lazy this summer, and haven't blogged much...honestly, not much has happened. Everytime we wanted to camp, it rained....when we planned to hike, we got sick. We actually spent a good deal of our summer sick. Between getting hit with swine flu and tummy bugs...yeah, didn't think most people wanted to read about those....So, I just haven't written much because "we sat at home today" doesn't make for the most thrilling of blogs.

Now, that should all change. School has started, so I may be getting some quiet time during the day.

School started for Aimee on Monday. Her first grade teacher seems really nice. Yesterday, when we asked how her day was, her response was "long." lol. I talked to her teacher today (taking in some supplies) and she said they are doing things like lots of recesses and snacks the first week or so to help the kids adjust to full days. I think Aimee will do really well once she adjusts to it all.

Betty had an orientation on Monday, then they are doing individual testing this week for kindergartners. We'll go in tomorrow afternoon. Then she actually starts class on Monday. She will be with the same teacher we had with Aimee last year. We really liked her, and I think she will be good for Betty too. She is so excited. She even has her best friend from church in her class.

I know I'm a looser and have no pictures of the first day of school..the batteries in my camera are dead and I didn't think of it until Monday morning. I'll try to get some start of school pictures taken soon.

Katie is doing normal Katie stuff....she likes to scream as her sole means of communication, which makes for a noisy house. I'm hoping that phase passes soon. Last night, she slept all the way though the night for the first time...I could live with that becoming a habit :) Of course, I kept coming out of sleep around the time she normal wakes up, and then slept lightly the rest of the night waiting for her to cry. She is a climber, so we have to keep the kitchen chairs on their side to keep her from sitting on the table.