Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Irony

As many of you know (or many of you who actually were around me then, know...) I had a pretty bad case of Hyperemesis Gravidarum during the early part of this pregnancy. Ya know how you aren't supposed to go losing weight during pregnancy...well, here is my weight chart. The blue line is my weight, and the others my range for goal weight during this pregnancy. I can't believe I'm actually revealing my actual weight to the world..but there it is. Pre-pregnancy I was 180 (as you should be able to see...). Lowest point is 153. If you ask me now, I can say that I've gained 2 lbs in the 36 weeks I've been pregnant lol.

My point is...I was VERY sick, and food and I didn't get along for several the point that I didn't leave bed. There were a few things I could tolerate in small amounts, like Pasta Roni's Fettuccine Alfredo (which I can't bring myself to eat now). But at one point I actually started craving something. This wasn't like, "hmm, that sounds kinda good." It was a full out, pregnant lady, Willing to kill for, absolute NEED to have item.

That's right...a Yoo-hoo. And not one in a can or box...I needed one in a glass bottle. When Chris went to the store (where I frequently had bought them as my shopping trip treat), I asked if he would pick one up for me. The idea of me consuming anything sounded great to him, so he said he would. However...there were none to be found. He even tried several more stores with no luck. I didn't have the energy to push him to look more, and I couldn't go out questing, so I simply went without. However, I always look when I go to the store because that craving has never quite gone away.

Then, yesterday, there they were...right where they'd always been before their long absence...right at waist level in the cold beverages section where they were easy to grab...and on sale too! OH THE JOY! I could have wept right there in isle 3 of Fred Meyer! In fact, I'm tearing up a little right now, just thinking about it. Chris asked if I wanted to go see if they had a case. I should have taken him up on it, but showed some restraint...I bought 2. And now that I see they have a strawberry flavor, I may be going on a quest this week....mmmmm, strawberry.