Thursday, June 3, 2010

Katie turns two

For this picture you have to imagine her popping her two pointer fingers up and saying "TWO" in her cute little voice. It's pretty darn sweet :)

So, what is katie like as a two year old? She is a handful! She has more attitude then any one person should have...particularly in such a little package. It's more attitude then can be contained. Even when she is completely still and quiet ( when she's sleeping, as that is the only time she is still or quiet) her little body exudes attitude. It's really very endearing. She also get's a strong stubborn streak...I was talking about this with...Beth or Lydia. Sorry I can't remember which one..but they were saying how that side of the family is so stubborn and Katie has it too. Iwas saying that it's interesting because, Chris and Katie both have stubbornness in a way I wouldn't expect...they don't have to be stubborn for very long because they have the gift(? is that the right word?) of persuasion. Either of them can just charm what they want out of anyone! I think I'm going to make him deal with telling her no to things when she gets to be a teenager. Serve him right :)

Her words are so fun, too. These are some Katie words we love:

Fun = Mun
Funny = Munny
Aimee = meemee
Tickle = giggle
pickle = giggle
seagull = giggle
Get up = gup
come on = mon

"no" is her favorite word right now. No matter what you say, she will respond "no" before anything else. "is it ninight time?" "no", do you want lunch? "no", would you like candy? "no....uh hu!" (she won't say yes, it's always "uh hu!")

We had two parties for her and got to use the tiki lounge for both. It was a lovely time, and so nice to have space to have people over and not be so squished in like our old place.


Amber G. said...

I GET TO SEE HER IN THE SUMMER!!!! I am so excited to see her in the summer! I can't imagine her talking and walking. See you soon!

Alissa said...

Happy birthday! SO fun!