Monday, June 29, 2009

Crazy Hair, and other fun stuff.

This is what happens when ponytails come out right before bed.....She is just waking up, and a little frustrated that I ran to get the camera instead of picking her up.

I had to tell this great Aimee story. The other day we went to this fountain at the mall. It shoots water out of bunches of jets all over the sidewalk, and kids can go and play in it. Betty, walked around and kind of got close to the water, but wouldn't actually get in it. Katie ran right in to where the other kids were playing, stood right over a water jet (it was during a lull in the water shooting) and got hit in the face with it...she screamed and I couldn't grab her right away and she got hit with it again (didn't hurt her, just freaked her out) she wouldn't' get anywhere near the water the rest of the time...and if the wind blew water to where we stood, she would freak out again. Aimee, however, loved every minute we were there. She ran and played and got soaking wet. We were getting ready to go and the loudspeaker said they were going to shoot the water high...they will do it to music and the water gets pretty intense. So all the kids pulled out of it, including Aimee, who was just told we needed to get ready to go. Next came the testament to how well behaved this child can actually be. The music started and water gushed out of the middle of the fountain, and ALL the kids squealed and ran back in...Aimee started in and stopped and looked at me with this "OH, PLEASE mom!!!" Look on her face....It was so sweet, and the fact that she didn't just go in. All I could do was shoo her back out there and say "go!" lol. She is such a wonderful kid!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What an adventure!

Have you ever had one of those days that is so packed with pure bodacity that there are simply not enough words to convey it to others? We were lucky enough to have one of those days yesterday.

We had started out Friday night, toward the San Rafael Swell area. We'd intended to camp, then hike and explore on Saturday. All of the campsites were full by the time we got there, so we ended up in a stuffy, overpriced motel. Saturday started early. We headed out to Black dragon Canyon to see some petroglyphs. There were some cool caves created by the fallen rocks (my little family pictured in one of our favorites above.) We drove most of the way to the petroglyphs then explored the canyon for a while. It was spectacular, with walls towering hundreds of feet up.
Here is a picture of some petroglyphs. I don't know much about them, but they were really cool to see....Then it was off to Goblin Valley...

They have actually used this place to film sci-fi movies. It really does feel like you've stepped off the planet Earth. They call those mounds "goblins". The panoramic at the start of the blog is from here, so you can get an idea of how vast this place was. We explored here for several hours and had a blast doing it.

Katie rode in the pack most of the day, so she was thrilled everytime we were able to let her down to explore. Here she is in a wash at Goblin Valley.

Driving in to Goblin Valley State Park we'd noticed a sign for Little Wild Horse Canyon. Chris had seen pictures of that hike and said it had looked cool, so we headed there to check it out.
This hike wound though a massively deep canyon, that is filled with water part of the year. One of the singularly most awe-inspiring places I have ever visited, and even these amazing pictures (thank you Grady!) don't begin to express its amazingness.

In this picture Betty is scolding Chris because she is afraid he will fall and die. lol
Can you see Aimee in this picture....really gives you a sense of scale, hu?

As Katie wasn't able to walk and explore much, she would explore in any way she could. She would reach out to touch the rock as much as possible, and luckily for her it was possible a lot, as the walls were often no wider then shoulder width. It was very interesting to look at the walls and see what kind of power water has over rock like that. Katie loved these holes that we'd come across and could be happy sticking her hands in them all day.

This tree interested me as we came in, but after we came out of the dried riverbed, and saw the force the water had though the canyon, this tree really caught my attention. This tree has obviously seen a hard life, between being in desert dryness part of the year and in a torrent of water another part of the year. The cracks in the bark are 3 inched deep, and it is the most gnarled looking thing I've ever seen....but then it is covered in all these amazing, new, green leaves. Kindof gives me a sense of hope looking at the thing.

We then drove home though the San Rafael Swell...The vista's were incredible. So much so, that by the time we were coming out of it, Chris said that he'd been so overwhelmed by coolness that day, that his brain could no longer process it all. And Betty said "It's too pretty to see!" I feel like it was so much coolness that it must have taken DAYS to experience it all...when we were really only gone for a little over 24 hours.

I think I've learned to love Utah!

Most pictures here were taken by my talented brother, Grady. You can see more on his flickr account. Photos by my amazing husband on his talented cell phone can be seen here.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Too cute!

So, Katie is finally walking and it is TOO CUTE!!! I had to bribe her to get her to come to me, but here it is for you all to see.

In other news...It appears we are now owners of a Green (or maybe teal) 94 Suburban. Wow that thing is big! But it sure is nice to be able to get all the groceries in and have a seat to go places with my brother and have us all in one car. We're talking about doing a camping trip to break it in soon.

Aimee finished Kindergarten top of her class. We're having a b-day party for Katie tonight, and I'll get pictures posted in the next day or two. My parents are visiting and we are having tons of fun. I'll get those pictures posted soon too.