Sunday, May 10, 2009

Digital scrapbooking...smaller...

I decided to make one of these digital scrapbooked things for Katie's b-day party invites. They are made to be printed on 4x6 photo paper. It turned out so cute and was so fun, I decided to make Aimee's graduation ones, then I could send them to grandma's too...well, then I had to do one for Betty, and because mother's day was coming, I also bought little photo books for grandma's to put them in....then I'd have to make more for them as special things happened. If only I'd remembered to buy my own book...I think I'm really going to like this mini-scrapbooking. It's going to make it easier to share these memories with our they are a nice size to post on my blog too :)

And here is the one I made today...(look for it in the mail in the next week or so Grandma H. and C.) We cut Katie's hair yesterday...she was awfully wiggly, but it's out of her eyes. When it all get's longer, we will do something more...professional.