Monday, April 27, 2009

Catching up

Ok, so I was thinking how much I needed to do some blogging and looking though pictures I realized I really have ALOT to blog, in no particular order of time or is what has been happening in our lives.

Chris has been wanting to get some guns for both work and hunting, so we finally got them. We visited some friends to help us learn about them and how to handle them.

This was only my second time handling a gun...I look so pro! lol. I even managed to hit something.

Aimee and Betty each got to try out our friend's .22. (with sufficient help from dad).
And for Grandparents or friends who would wonder why we'd let such little kids shoot a real gun, here is a quote from a great site called Cornered Cat that sums it up.
the more times a child has been to the range, the better: each trip defuses a little bit more of that dangerous childish curiosity, and gives the parents one more chance to talk to the kid about safety around firearms.

Here is Katie, waiting for her turn with the rifle...we told her she would have to wait a bit before she got a turn.

Next up...Aimee lost her tooth!!!! It was so exciting. Chris finally ended up pulling it for her because we could tell it was ready, but she just wasn't getting it out. He said once he got his fingers on it, it came out with no resistance. The tooth fairy brought her a whole dollar! Now, her second one is loose...we'll see how long it takes that one to come out.

EASTER! I thought I had more pictures then this...but oh, well....We went to an egg hunt at the was rather chilly. We stood waiting for about half hour and then the horn blew and the eggs were gone in about 1 minute. It was a blast. Then we did an egg hunt at Aunt Beth's house that was lots of fun, and we had a quiet Easter dinner at home with just us. It was very nice.

And finally (though I think this is the oldest....) We had a get together with some friends...and well..sorry Cari, I just HAD to post this picture :p. Some friends were visiting from Oregon, other's we'd never met in person before. It was a great night, with good food and great company.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Trouble with a capital K

I'm not sure these pictures even need captions....

The pan cupboard...

Isn't she a daredevil?
Yeah, that's the dryer...
I have a picture of each of her sisters sitting in a drawer like this....she just needs to take things to the next level.