Saturday, September 26, 2009

Are you ready for General Conference?

So, I've started thinking about what we are going to do for Conference this year...this will be our first one with just our little planned trips, or friends, or family staying with us. I really am wanting to form some great traditions surrounding this so it can be a weekend to look forward to twice a here is my game plan. Feel free to share any other ideas anyone may have.

First, we don't get TV signal (I know, dad that you gave us the money to get the signal box thingie...just haven't done it yet, and I'm actually kinda liking not having TV on all the time). So the computer will be on, but ONLY to watch games, or Facebook, or surfing. All weekend.

I will be printing out Conference packets (this is April's, but it looks like fun, and I'll watch for an October one on over the next few days....there may be one on there that I'm missing) These worked great for at least one session in April.

Another part of my plan has to do with food. Smell is a big trigger for memory or whatever, so I'm planning a really fun menu for the weekend. Bacon and Egg Pie, Roast and potatoes, french onion soup, pumpkin pie, cookies, muffins...I'll make a big batch of bread dough to turn into cinnamon rolls, scones, and dinner rolls....basically we're going to try to focus on filling the house with yummy smells all weekend...and keep the sugar content down as much as the girls can help with the bread dough during one session of conference! Keeping hands busy will hopefully help keep mouths quiet.

Along with keeping hands busy...Chris and I will play quiet games with the girls when we are not doing conference packets...pulling out Katie's toys, coloring with them, checkers, etc. I'm going to order some Chinese jump ropes for cat's cradle and get some fuzzy posters for them to color.

I'm really excited for this next weekend and hope it will be great. Aimee told me today that she doesn't like Conference...I really hope I can change her mind about it.