Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Battles and Hickeys

The other day, Aimee showed me a red mark on her arm and asked me what it was. I looked and it was a hickey type bruise...so I said it's a "hickey bruise. How did you get that?" she said she didn't know. She's a busy kid with lots of bruises so I didn't give it much thought. Then yesterday she comes in and says "You know that one type of bruise I got? Did I get it like this?" and latched onto her arm with her mouth. LOL. I'm all "yep, that would do it!" So now she has a line of them down her arm that she applied before I told her that maybe it wasn't such a good idea.

Later that day, I was telling them the story of Ammon from the Book of Mormon. We had talked about that story in Sunday School this week and I thought it would be an exciting story they would like to hear, and I'm trying to make it as dramatic as I can as I'm cooking grilled cheese sandwiches. They were really into it too with all the oohs where they belong. (I'll quickly tell the story for those not familure with it...)

Ammon was the son of the Nephite king. He decided to go on a Mission to teach the Gospel to the Lamanites who were their enemys and who didn't know about God. When he got there the Laminites tied him up and took him to the king who asked what it was he wanted. He said he wanted to serve the king. The king put him to work watching his sheep. When he and the other servants took the sheep to water, bandits came and scattered the sheep. The other servants were worried because, when this had happened before, the king had the servants killed, but Ammon told them to watch the rest of the sheep and he confronted the bandits.

This is where I was in the story when Aimee half stood out of her chair, made a motion of drawing a sword and slashes it down as she says "AND HE CUT OFF THEIR ARMS!!!" I guess she already knew that story. It's really nice to know that she is retaining some stuff she learns in primary...even when she is "taking a nap under her chair". And it was kinda funny to see that she has a small bit of her moms flair for drama.

Oh, and to finish the story for my readers here...

The servants were so astounded by Ammons strength that they took the arms to show the king. They told him that Ammon had great power. He then summoned Ammon and questioned him. "Are you the Great Spirit?" Ammon said that he was not but that he had the power of God. The king asked what Ammon wanted. Ammon said he wanted the king to listen to him and believe his words. Then he told him about God. The King believed and as a result his whole kingdom was converted to the Gospel. (My telling is a rather simple version with a few good points left out....read the whole story here. chapters 17-19)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Well, at least they are learning something

Aimee's primary teacher stopped me in church Sunday. She said that during the sharing time lesson, the teacher was talking about having a problem and Aimee stood up, put a finger in the air and said "A problem is a predicament!" lol. Sounds to me like something she learned watching PBSkids...and "Word Girl" in particular. They may watch too much TV, but at least there is something they are getting out of it.